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Filter Cartridges, Baskets, Housings

High-Capacity Filter Bags

Felt Bags-Standard Grade
Felt construction is generally chosen where smaller particle retention is required, in the nominal 1 to 100-micron range. It offers higher solids loading capacity than mesh. General-purpose felt bags are offered in polyester and polypropylene materials. Special-purpose felt bags are offered in polyester and polypropylene materials.  Special-purpose felt bags include high-temperature service (to 500°F)  bags of Nomex® nylon or Teflon®.

Felt Bag Finishes and Covers
Standard finish. Plain, as manufactured, without treatment or covers.

Glazed finish. The outermost surface fibers are melted by a momentary application of high heat. This bonds the fibers together and reduces the possibility of fiber migration.

Mesh covers completely encase the felt bag. This cover acts to contain any fibers that may separate from the filter bag.  Materials available in mono and multifilament mesh, spun bonded nylon, and polyester.

Replacement Baskets

Perforated strainer and bag filter baskets: For cleanable basket strainers, choose from the following perforation diameters: 1/4, 3/16, 9/64, or 1/16 inch. For filter bag baskets: standard 9/64-inch diameter perforations with 51 percent open area are supplied.

Features and Benefits:

    rupture, the wire mesh contains the contaminant.

  • Bag material cannot become “lodged” in the perforations due to extreme pressure differential.
  • Flow characteristics are enhanced when using monofilament bags.

Lesac Facts - Did you Know??

Fact - Filter Vessels are also available along with Dust-Liquid Bags. Reliable, and Cost Effective.
Fact - All Products are manufactured in the USA!